Leave the Medium Homepage Behind

What you really want is “All from following” — I’ll show you.

Leave the Medium Homepage Behind — raised fist in defiance

My unremarkable return to Medium was not what I expected.

Generally speaking I followed Medium on most social platforms and even though I haven’t contributed much I have been consistent in my membership since I first payed for it. I always planned to return and do something with the investment but I was happy imagining maybe some of the writers here were benefiting from my monthly payments.

The last few weeks have shown me this isn’t quite the case. There is so much hubbub about the platform, from changes in payment structures to homepage drama, to a branding update? I felt the pain of all this myself pretty fast. So much so that I put in some effort into my own homepage to get it into shape and shared how I did it. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s heads above what it was at my first return.

Admittedly, the article is dense but I figured with all the frustration circulating out there it might serve our community of writers who are feeling like they’re struggling to see any content of relevance to them.

This was just the start however, since this article I’ve spent a good amount of time reading through one after another of your articles expressing considerable and valid frustrations. While I hope Medium figures all this out I’m not personally one to wait for a code push solution to our woes.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve read about and encountered myself is not having what appeared to be an intuitive and simple way to see the newest posts from those I was actively following.

In my investigations I came across the present but wholly unremarkable “LATEST FROM FOLLOWING” section of the home page.

Sitting inconspicuously at the bottom of this section is what I shall dub the almighty “All from following” link!

This link actually exists on both desktop and mobile, but on mobile the section is inconsistently labeled “New for you”. To get to the similar “All from following” page you’ll want to press the miniscule “See All” at the top right of the section.

These links will land you on the “New from your network” page. From here you have three options to select from: All, Publications, and People. Make your selection and you’ll be graced with a simple and recent list of posts from your followed publications, people, or both respectively based on your selection!

Like the homepage it’s not a perfect solution, and Medium would do well to address concerns of the community but this quick refocus on our parts puts focus back on what makes Medium amazing — the individual writers chasing their passions.

If you try these pages and like what you see then it might be worth taking an even more radical step, I personally have loved the results for my Medium experience.

Fantasy Writer, Marketing Professional, Ex-Game Industry & Self-Help, here to lift up fellow writers and share insights about the craft of writing.

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